Cognate Word Search
Cognate Word Search
Cognate Word Wall
Display 117 Spanish cognates with this must-have visual resource! Cognates are confidence building vocabulary words to display all year long.
Spanish Schedule
Mi Horario - Write your class schedule in Spanish! Graphic organizer & speaking activity to get students thinking about time in a way that is relevant and personal to them.
Spanish Cognate PowerPoint
Great beginning of the year activity to build confidence in learning a new language. 14 bright and bold pages to introduce Spanish cognates and false cognates.
Spanish Adjective Unit
Everything you need for an entire unit to get your middle and high school students actively engaged in describing themselves and others using Spanish descriptive adjectives and the verb SER! 120 pages
Spanish Time Bingo
Get students telling time in Spanish quickly with this bingo game! 40 printable bingo cards to practice 24 Spanish time expressions.
Ser Bilingue Poster
Ser Bilingue es un Superpoder - Being Bilingual is a Superpower Poster
Spanish High Frequency Words
60 Spanish High Frequency Words! Build Spanish vocabulary with a word wall! Great printable resource to visually support students on reading and writing activities all year long.
Greetings Crossword
Practice 18 Spanish greetings, farewells and expressions of courtesy in this crossword puzzle.
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"Excellent resource with a TON of cognates!" 

Sara F.

"Outstanding! Thanks for doing all the hard work!"

Shelly C.

"Another fun and easy to do speaking activity for all ages to build confidence!!"

Mandy B.

"Great graphic organizer to get students thinking about time in a way that is relevant and personal to them, and they loved discussing their favorite classes/teachers."

Jennifer M.

"Perfect perfect!!! Just what I was looking for. Laminating and hope to use for years to come!"

Patricia T.

"This is absolutely perfect for my geography unit with Spanish 1. Thanks so much! I'm using it for 6th-8th grades!"

Sigrid H.

"Thank you so much for these! I can't wait to use all of them - I've already used the cognates one!"

Lauren H.

"Great resource that help me a lot to save time in planning lessons!!!

Marisol D.

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