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(Updated post 2023)

Whether you're a new Spanish teacher or a veteran teacher, the 2017 K-5 Spanish eBook, full of free Spanish lesson plans, games, activities, and teaching tips, is a definite MUST-HAVE for your school year!

Free Spanish Resources for K-5 Spanish Teachers

What is the Spanish eBook? It’s a FREE downloadable document filled with inspiration and FREE RESOURCES for your Pre K - Elementary - 5th Grade Spanish classroom. Find 16 free Spanish resources from top TPT teacher-authors!

Each page features ideas to help you be an even better teacher, along with resources and A FREEBIE!


My Free Resource

Get students describing themselves and others! Fun way to learn 24 Spanish descriptive adjectives used with "ser." Includes 40 printable game cards.

Free Spanish Resources Printable Spanish Adjectives Bingo Game


Not only do you get 16 free resources, but each veteran Spanish teacher shares a teaching tip.

My Teaching Tip:

Increase vocabulary and comprehension quickly with Spanish Cognates! Start the year building a vocabulary base with hundreds of instantly recognizable words. This will take any pressure off those students who feel a bit of anxiety on their first day in Spanish class. Build confidence with cognates!


Here is a list of all of the free K-5 Spanish Resources:

*Take Home Binder Labels

*Los sonidos iniciales

*Llama coloring sheet

*Back to School Pennant in Spanish

*Trabajo de palabras

*La araña pequeñita

*Scoot Numbers to 5

*Los Pescaditos Poem

*Colombia Minibook

*Adivina Quién Game

*Los días de la semana reader

*Transition Video

*Repaso de sonidos

*Goal Planning Worksheets

*Back to School Games Sampler

*Unit 1 Los Pollitos Dicen


Hope all these tips, tricks & free resources help you have the BEST YEAR EVER!

Here’s a look at my eBook page:

Click here for the FREE Adjective Bingo game

Click the image below to go to my TPT store.

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