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  • Laura Lee

Spanish Valentine's Day Ideas

5 Sweet Ideas for Spreading the LOVE on Valentine's Day

Looking for some fun ideas for Valentine's Day in Spanish Class? Find five activities to engage students while learning new vocabulary and conjugating verbs!

1. Corazones Dulces

Fill your classroom with LOVE! These sweet conversation hearts look great on a bulletin board, scattered above your whiteboard or on your door. You can also string them together for a beautiful banner. Perfect for visually supporting students as they read and write Valentine's Day messages or play conversation heart bingo!

Vocabulary Includes: abrazo, amigo, amor, bella, beso, bonita, corazón, dulce, guapo, hola, linda, me gusta, te amo & more!

2. Tarjetas del Día de San Valentín

Have students exchange Valentine's Day cards! 27 unique cards for gently reviewing masculine & feminine nouns, simple pronouns, yo form verbs, ser and adjectives. Students read their cards aloud and talk about the meaning. Then, write their own heart felt messages with simple sentences like "Tú eres + an adjective" or "Tú eres mi + a noun."

3. Conjugation Hearts

Make verb conjugation FUN with these editable conjugation hearts from Spanish Resource Shop. Cute way to practice pronouns and whatever verbs your class is currently working on. Adaptable for any verb, any tense and any level!

4. Cootie Catcher / Comecocos

Love this conversational activity from The Stress Free Spanish Teacher! Students ask each other eight simple questions about Valentine's Day using forms of gustar. ¿Te gusta el chocolate? ¿Te gustan las canciones de amor? Fun way to add Valentine's Day vocabulary and get students talking. Students of all ages love making cootie catchers!

5. Valentine Bingo

Practice Valentine's Day vocabulary and expressions of amor with this challenging listening comprehension activity. Read simple Spanish sentences to describe each object, phrase or person. Not your average bingo game!

Example clues:

1. un tipo de comida hecho de azúcar y cacao Answer: el chocolate

2. una piedra (o roca) preciosa, un objeto ornamental... Answer: el diamante / la joya

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you've found some sweet resources to get students excited about El Día de San Valentín!

Senora Lee - for the LOVE of Spanish

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