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  • Laura Lee

Beginning Spanish Resources for Back-to-School!

Back to School SALE!

Teachers, save on Spanish activities, games & resources for back to school from TPT! Save up to 25% from August 1st - 2nd, 2018 with the code BTSFRESH. This is the best time of the year to stock up on all the Spanish resources you'll need for 2018-2019. So go ahead, fill your cart with all of the things you've got on your wish list!

Spanish resources on Sale TPT store Senora Lee - for the LOVE f Spanish


Must-have, time-saving resources you'll LOVE.

Find materials you love for beginning Spanish, Spanish 1, and a review for Spanish 2 classes. Start with Spanish cognates for the first days of Spanish, find Spanish bulletin board ideas to provide instant comprehensible input using word walls, and stock up on no-prep Spanish-speaking practice activities. Use word searches to introduce vocabulary as a warm-up activity or for easy Spanish sub lesson plans.



Do you have district shopping money and you are not quite sure how to spend it? That’s a good problem to have! Read about My Favorite BTS Purchases in a guest blog I wrote for Secondary Spanish Space.



Have you heard? There are TWO free resource libraries full of fun resources from several of your favorite Spanish Teachers of TPT. (The top image is for elementary teachers & the bottom is for secondary.) So many great resources!

free resources for elementary spanish teachers

free resources for secondary spanish teachers



My goal is to provide you with time saving, engaging resources to make time with your students more effective and fun. Thank you so much for supporting my store and for sharing the LOVE of Spanish. I hope you have the very best back to school season!

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