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Bundles of Engaging Spanish Activities

Engaging Spanish Activities

Here are five bundles of some of the best Spanish activities to keep novice students engaged and having fun in Spanish class!

Word Wall Bundle

Word walls are an effective way to display and reinforce vocabulary! Fill walls with cognates, high frequency words, pronouns, interrogatives to visually support students on reading and writing activities. This bundle includes four word walls with more than 200 words! Students of all ages will continually refer to these vocabulary words.

Spanish Word Wall

"These are all over my room. I love them!"

Spanish Speaking Activity Bundle

Get students out of their seats and speaking with each other about their favorite subject—themselves! This bundle of "Find Someone Who" activities will generate interest and build confidence in speaking Spanish.

Teachers have found these conversation starters to be infinitely reusable and easy to use. Includes 15 no-prep activities for talking about birthdays, adjectives, class schedules, clothing, food, family, likes and dislikes. Watch your classroom become filled with the wonderful sound of students speaking in the target language! Must have resource for novice learners.

Spanish Speaking Activities - Find Someone Who

"This was definitely a lifesaver for me. I'm in my first year teaching and it helps to have

smart activities to generate interest and get students talking."

Word Search Bundle

Need a fun way to introduce or review vocabulary? Students LOVE word searches! Includes fourteen puzzles with 396 vocabulary words. Students first define the word, then find it. Use as a warm up, in stations, as an after-the-test activity, for fast finishers, or instant, no-prep SUB PLANS! Teachers say these activities have helped when “substitutes couldn't figure out the book lessons.”

This bundle includes: cognates, Spanish speaking countries, greetings & goodbyes, high frequency words, numbers to 100, class objects, class commands, false cognates, calendar, and colors.

Spanish Word Search

"Great to incorporate in sub plans, stations, and extra work for test days."

Adjective Bundle

Get students describing themselves and others! A bundle of five challenging & fun activities to practice descriptive adjectives used with ser. Includes two speaking activities, two word searches (with 47 adjectives), bingo, crossword puzzle & four vocabulary lists. Everything is no-prep. Simply print & go!

Spanish Adjectives

"Lots of challenging and fun practice activities included!"

Bingo Bundle

Everyone loves bingo! Here are 9 games to pull out on a moment’s notice to practice important vocabulary. This bundle includes: greetings, commands, adjectives, numbers 0-39, calendar vocabulary, classroom objects, classes, time, and clothing. Each bingo game has 40 printable cards and word list.

Spanish Bingo Games

"Fun vocabulary practice for my students!"

Hope you have found time-saving activities that you and your students will LOVE!

For more BUNDLES click on the image below.

Spanish Activities


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