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Spanish Valentine’s Day Activities

5 activities to spread the love in Spanish class on Valentine’s Day

Looking for engaging activities to include in your lesson plan for Valentine's Day? Find FIVE time saving, vocabulary building activities for Spanish class that your students will love!

Valentine’s Day Word Wall Make your bulletin board POP with 39 Valentine vocabulary words & expressions! This word wall is beautiful visual support for students as they read and write valentines.

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Valentine's Day Bingo Not your average bingo game! Read 30 simple phrases in Spanish that describe or define each word or expression. All the hard work has been done for you. Students love this game!

Example clues:

"un hombre con quien tienes la intención de matrimonio" (el novio)

"una flor muy popular durante el Día de San Valentín, es roja" (la rosa)

Spanish Valentine Cards Gently reinforce simple pronouns, yo form verbs, adjectives, ser, and masculine / feminine nouns with 27 unique Valentine's Day cards for students to exchange. Includes a blank template for students to create their own!

Spanish I Spy Yo Veo Have students use the checklist and search for 17 items related to el Día de San Valentín!

Word Search Define & Find 25 valentine vocabulary words in this Valentine's Day Word Search. Improve word recognition, spelling and increase vocabulary with Spanish word searches. Easy, no prep activity to use with fast finishers, in stations or an after the test activity.

Hope you've found some activities to save you some time & help your students love Spanish!

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