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  • Laura Lee

Back to School Activities for Spanish Class

Keep students engaged and having fun during the first weeks of Spanish class with less stress!

The first weeks of Spanish are overwhelming. There is not enough time to do everything on your to do list. I've been there many times. After eighteen years of teaching Spanish,

I have created many resources and activities to get you through the first weeks. Check out these no-prep Spanish resources to get your classroom ready and activities planned for the first weeks of Spanish class!


Welcome students!

Print out a bienvenidos banner on your favorite colored paper to create a BIG welcome! Let students know you are glad they are here! Printed on brightly colored cardstock and string together with ribbon. "Perfect for back to school."

Hang a welcome poster by your door for students to see as they enter the classroom. Frame posters with simple black frames from the dollar store.

Learn students' names.

Know their names. This is challenging when you teach hundreds of students. I know; I had over 900 students when I taught K–5! Spanish name tags will help you learn their names quickly. Have students write their names (in large print) on name tags or desk plates. This will help you associate their names with their faces. Name tags are great to use with introduction activities.

It's important for students to know each other’s names. This builds community in your classroom. Students need to feel a sense of belonging so they feel comfort-able working together. Then, they'll be more likely to step outside of their comfort zone and take risks - where learning occurs! Learning names is the first step toward creating community.

Find the banner, posters, names tags and more in a money saving Back to School Spanish Decor Bundle.

Post Word Walls

Word walls are an effective way to build vocabulary! Fill classroom bulletin boards with Spanish greetings, high frequency verbs, and sweet 16 verbs to visually support students all year long. You'll LOVE having these posted on your walls so you can refer to them throughout your lesson. Students develop a greater sense of independence and depend less on you for support! Win-win!

"Word walls are a fantastic way to foster CI and support learners."

Simply print, cut and laminate. Mount on brightly colored paper to keep vocabulary organized. For example: greetings on yellow, goodbyes on blue, and polite words on green. Post your word wall where students can easily see it. Add new vocabulary gradually. Print an extra copy to use in class as flashcards.

This Spanish Word Wall Bundle includes three word walls with over 100 words!

Spanish Word Walls Bulletin Board Idea Spanish Greetings High Frequency Verbs Sweet 16 Words

"I absolutely love these simple words--my word wall looks amazing

and my students love referring to the wall when they are in class."


Spanish Cognates Activities

The first day of Spanish class can be a source of anxiety for many novice learners.

A quick lesson on cognates takes all the jitters away and shows students how much Spanish they already know! Students see right away that Spanish is easy and fun!

Before school starts, post the cognate word wall on your bulletin board to spark curiosity as students come into your classroom on the first day. Cognates are instant comprehensible input! Students can easily start forming their first sentences in Spanish from this list of basic cognates.

Example: El animal es adorable. El elefante es enorme. El doctor es importante.

Use the Spanish cognate word search as a warm up or bell ringer on the few first days. Set a timer and have students look for as many cognates as they can find. There are over 100 cognates hidden in two puzzles! Seeing how many words are similar in both languages really builds student confidence.

Use the Spanish Cognates PowerPoint presentation to introduce students to basic cognates (and some tricky false cognates!) It's fun to watch their reactions when they learn the meanings of words like "sopa" and "ropa." Having these resources ready for day one of Spanish class will save you time and make learning Spanish FUN!

This Spanish Cognate Bundle is a must-have resource for the first week back to school for beginning Spanish or Spanish 1 teachers.

"Awesome way to introduce cognates to beginning learners!"

Back to School Bundle

15 must-have Spanish 1 resources to help you through the first month of Spanish class! (Plus a few digital activities for Google Slides!) This Back to School Spanish Bundle is perfect for new teachers or for seasoned teachers to supplement what you already have. HUGE TIME SAVER!

Use these no-prep activities as warm ups, with fast finishers, or easy Spanish SUB plans.

Beginning Spanish Activities for Spanish 1 Students

"Such a useful resource and such a time saver to have this all bundled together!

Makes getting the school year and each new trimester organized easier!"

Hope you've found engaging back to school activities that you & your students will LOVE! Have a wonderful year!

Pinnable Images:

Spanish Classroom Décor Como te llamas? Llama Theme Posters
Bienvenidos Poster Welcome to  Spanish Classroom Decor
100 Easy Spanish Cognates Word Wall Bulletin Board
100 Spanish Cognates List of Easy Spanish Vocabulary Word Search
Spanish Sweet 16 Verbs Word Wall Bulletin Board
Spansih Greetings Vocabulary Words Word Wall Bulletin Board


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