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5 Fun Activities for Teaching Spanish Adjectives

Teaching Spanish Adjectives

This is one of my favorite units in Spanish class! Descriptive adjectives are a great way to start the year. Find a PowerPoint unit with everything you need to get students describing themselves and others. Have students draw self-portraits to label physical characteristics. Here are five engaging activities for teaching Spanish adjectives to describe a person!

Spanish Adjectives Word Search

Spanish word searches are an easy way to introduce basic Spanish vocabulary and they are incredibly FUN! Students go crazy for them. Use word searches as a warm-up at the beginning of class while students are entering, and you are taking attendance.

The puzzle includes a list of Spanish adjectives (and cognates) that they first must define, then find. Show students how many words are similar in both languages to boost their confidence. Spend ten minutes getting familiar with the vocabulary, and pronouncing several words, then allow time to work on it later as a fast finisher activity throughout the week.

spanish adjectives list and word search

Self-Portraits with Spanish Adjectives

Self-Portraits are my favorite activity to get students describing themselves while showing artistic abilities.

Have students write “Yo soy” in large, bold letters at the top of their paper and draw a picture of their face. They choose ten adjectives that describe their appearance or personality and then write them around the paper. Students add details that make them unique (skin tone, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, braces, glasses, freckles, or jewelry).

Display proudly on a bulletin board. The finished portraits often hang on my walls all year! Refer to the self-portraits to describe the person and play a game of “Guess Who?” Say: “Este estudiante es atlético, guapo y cómico. ¿Quién es?”

Spanish Speaking Activity

"Find Someone Who" is a quick and easy game that is perfect for novice learners. Get students out of their seats and speaking with one another about their favorite subject — themselves!

Students receive a chart with simple questions about appearances and personalities and find someone who can answer the questions affirmatively. They must speak Spanish to receive a signature. Everything they need to communicate is on their paper.

This activity involves a lot of repetition, so students focus on asking questions and finding the right people. The classroom is filled with the wonderful sound of students speaking the target language! It is a great icebreaker and helps students learn about each other. It gives students time to practice the language and builds confidence.

spanish adjectives - speaking activity


Students love playing bingo! Fun way to practice and reinforce basic adjectives. A student looks at the list of Spanish vocabulary words, thinks of the English meaning, and calls out while students look for the Spanish interpretation.

Click here to download this resource for FREE!

spanish adjectives bingo game

Spanish Descriptive Adjectives PowerPoint Unit

If this is the first time you've taught a lesson on adjectives and are not sure where to start, this PowerPoint unit has everything you need for the entire unit to get students describing themselves and other people.

It includes a variety of differentiated activities, short and comprehensible readings, and lots of input! (Teach everything from pronouns to nationalities, to adjective agreement) This complete resource will meet the needs and learning styles of all students.

Teachers are saying:

"What an amazingly thorough and highly engaging resource! Everything is included is all done for you. This is one of my FAVORITE purchases on TPT, without a doubt."

Find a no-prep Bundle of Adjective Activities for beginners:

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope these activities save you time and give you the support you need to teach a highly engaging adjective unit your students will LOVE!

Happy teaching.

Laura with a heart

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