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Christmas Activities In Spanish

Resources and ideas for teaching Christmas vocabulary in Spanish! Enrich and support your teaching on Christmas traditions in Mexico.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love teaching about the holidays in Spanish class, especially Las Posadas. There are so many interesting conversations that take place when students compare and contrast Christmas traditions in Mexico and in the United States. Here are four vocabulary-building Christmas activities in Spanish to keep kids engaged and learning Spanish during those last days before break!

COLOR BY NUMBER - Color by Number activities are a low stress way to review basic Spanish vocabulary. This Las Posadas Color by Number includes four differentiated activities with a short, simple reading filled with cognates, present tense verbs and novice level vocabulary. Color a poinsettia, pair of shoes, a Las Posadas celebration, and piñata. Students LOVE this activity. Teachers love that it's no-prep and saves time!

"Great wind-down activity for a Las Posadas lesson.

I love that there are cognate readings included!"

WORD WALL - Word walls make meaningful Spanish class decor! They are such an effective way to display and reinforce vocabulary. Fill walls or bulletin boards with 24 vocabulary words related to Christmas in Mexico and visually support students on reading and writing activities. You'll love using word walls because students refer to them over and over again.

"This made making a bulletin board for Christmas much easier."

CHRISTMAS BINGO - Students LOVE playing Bingo! This is not your average bingo game. It's an engaging listening comprehension activity with clues in simple English or Spanish sentences that describe each image.

Sample clues:

"un ser espiritual, tiene poderes superhumanos, viven en el cielo..." (el ángel)

"a spiritual being, it has supernatural powers, lives in heaven..." (angel)

Fun addition to your Las Posadas unit. Also available in Google Slides.

"This game is always a favorite to play before winter break"

WORD SEARCH - Use this Christmas Vocabulary Word Search as a quick warm-up at the beginning of class to introduce or review vocabulary. Pronounce the words then set a timer for ten minutes. Students first define the word, then find it. Have students say the word silently as they search for it. Low-stress worksheet to improve word recognition and spelling. Use again later as a fast finisher activity. Keep students engaged and learning until Christmas break!

Find all the the activities above in a Christmas in Mexico Bundle! Save 35%!

Spanish Christmas Las Posadas activities and games for Spanish class

"I needed some extra activities to complete with my classes during the hectic / crazy weeks before Christmas. This will work perfectly to fill in the gaps, keeping students occupied in a productive & educational way."

Find resources that enrich & support your teaching on Las Posadas to MAKE LEARNING FUN! Hope you've found meaningful holiday activities that you and your students LOVE!

Teach happy.


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Spanish Christmas Activities and Games for Spanish Class


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