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5 Valentine's Day Activities for Spanish Class

Sweet Ideas to Build Spanish Vocabulary

Find engaging Valentine's Day Spanish class activities to add to your lesson plans for learning vocabulary words and phrases!

Valentine's Day Activities for Spanish Class

Valentine's Day Spanish Class Activities

1. Decorate your classroom with meaningful vocabulary.

Fill your room with words of LOVE! Make a word wall of Spanish conversation hearts filled with Valentine vocabulary words and phrases. Post on a bulletin board, around the room, on the door or string together for a beautiful banner. This sweet display will spark students' curiosity! Students will want to know what these words mean. Spanish Word walls are a great way to visually support students on writing activities.

2. Discover meaning with word lists.

Word lists are a great tool for learning vocabulary. Use Valentine's Day Spanish Vocabulary Lists to help students become familiar with new words. Have students look at your word wall to make a list of words they already know (hola, feliz) or make a list of difficult words.

Choose several words (5 a day) that are important for students to know. Have them look them up in the dictionary and keep a list of new words in their notebook. Have students illustrate vocabulary, and write simple sentences or stories. This list is included with the conversation heart word wall!

3. Search for vocabulary.

Have students "define and find" Spanish valentine vocabulary in a word search. Word searches are fun activities to improve word recognition and spelling. Students love them! (and don't even realize they're learning!) Use as a quick warm up at the beginning of class or wind down during the last few minutes.

More no-prep Spanish Word Searches

4. Play Bingo.

Another fun way to practice vocabulary is with Spanish conversation heart bingo! Simple translation activity where you call out a word or phrase in English and students look for the Spanish meaning.

There are many ways to play. You can call out the letter at the top of the column for a longer version of the game or just call out the word. The winner calls "Lo Tengo!" when they have five words in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are so many of variations of winning! Give the winners candy hearts ~ Spanish conversation hearts if you are lucky enough to find some!

More ready-made Spanish Bingo Games

5. Play "I Spy."

Play Valentine's Day I Spy! Print off several "I Spy" copies. (Print in color and laminate to use for years to come!) Have students search for vocabulary words and check them off the lists as they find them. Students work individually, in pairs or you can project onto your whiteboard for a group activity.

Find ALL of these activities above in a money-saving Valentine's Day Bundle!

Hope you've found some sweet ideas to build vocabulary this month! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd love to know how these ideas worked for you. I'm just an email away:


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Valentine's Day Activities for Spanish Class


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