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Spanish Speaking Activities for Beginners - "Find Someone Who" Games in Spanish Class

Looking for FUN ideas to give students meaningful practice speaking Spanish? Generate interest by adding these activities and conversation topics to your lessons! No more hesitant speakers. Listen as your classroom comes alive with the sound of students happily speaking to each other - in Spanish!

Spanish speaking activities students will love - students speaking with each other

5 Spanish-speaking activities students will LOVE.

Get students up, out of their seats, and speaking with "Find Someone Who" activities - quick and easy games for Spanish class that are perfect practice for beginners. Students move around the room and talk with classmates about their favorite subject — themselves! Ask and answer questions about favorite foods, classes, family, likes / dislikes, and more.

Find Someone Who Spanish Speaking Activities

Students receive a chart with 12 simple questions and find someone who can answer the questions affirmatively. They must speak Spanish in order to receive a signature. Everything they need to communicate is on the paper. This game involves a lot of repetition so students focus on asking the questions and finding the right people. The classroom becomes filled with the wonderful sound of students speaking Spanish!

Spanish Find Someone Who Activity

Find Someone Who activities are great to use as icebreakers and help students get to know each other. They give students time to practice the language and build confidence.

Click below to find 5 of my favorites!

1. Adjectives Spanish-Speaking Activity - a great team builder

2. Family Spanish-Speaking Activity - perfect warm-up

3. Food Spanish-Speaking Activity - differentiated for different levels

4. Gustar Spanish-Speaking Activity - easy to use / print and go activities

5. Class Schedule Spanish-Speaking Activity - they love discussing their favorite classes and teachers

Hope these activities build student confidence within your classroom and get students excited about speaking Spanish!

Senora Lee - for the LOVE of Spanish

Make Learning Fun - Senora Lee

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Spanish speaking activities students will love - students speaking with each other

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