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Must-Have Resources for Spanish Class

Have you ever started a new teaching position only to find that there are no resources for Spanish class? Either the teacher before you didn't leave anything behind or you're building the Spanish program from scratch. I've been there - at least 5 times in my eighteen years of teaching Spanish! Whether you're a new Spanish teacher or looking to find new resources to engage students, here are some bundles of must-have resources to save time, money, and make learning fun! (Plus lots of free Spanish resources!)

Teaching Spanish Resources


Word walls are an effective way to display vocabulary. Fill empty classroom walls and bulletin boards with cognates, high-frequency words, subject pronouns, and interrogatives to visually support students on reading and writing activities all year long. Students of all ages will refer to these vocabulary words again and again. They'll depend less on you and learn to use resources in the classroom instead.

This Spanish Word Wall Bundle includes four word walls with over 200 words!

Spanish Word Walls

"This bundle includes so many high-frequency words. I have noticed my students looking at my word wall and using it how it should be used."

Word Wall Bundle 2 includes greetings, high-frequency verbs, and Sweet 16 verbs.



Want to ease students into speaking Spanish gradually? These quick and easy speaking activities will get students out of their seats and speaking with one another about their favorite subject—themselves! Generate interest and build confidence in speaking Spanish with two bundles of "Find Someone Who" games.

"This was definitely a lifesaver for me. I'm in my first year teaching and it helps to have smart activities to generate interest and get students talking."

Teachers have found these conversation starters to be infinitely reusable and easy to use. Includes no-prep activities for talking about birthdays, adjectives, class schedules, clothing, food, family, likes & dislikes, and more! Watch your classroom become filled with the wonderful sound of students speaking in the target language! Must-have resource for novice learners.

Try it out with a FREE ALL ABOUT ME speaking activity!



Get students describing themselves and other people! A bundle of five challenging & fun activities to practice descriptive adjectives used with ser. Includes 2 speaking activities, 2 word searches (with 47 adjectives), bingo, crossword puzzle & 4 vocabulary lists. Everything is ready to use. Simply print & go!

Spanish Adjective Bundle

"...fantastic resource for my middle schoolers! They loved the activities!"



Need a fun way to introduce or review vocabulary? Students LOVE word searches! Includes fifteen puzzles with more than 400 vocabulary words. Students first define the word, then find it. Use as a warm-up, in stations, as an after-the-test activity, for fast finishers, or easy Spanish SUB PLANS! Teachers say these activities have helped when “substitutes couldn't figure out the book lessons.”

15 Spanish Word Search Activities

"Great to incorporate in sub plans, stations, and extra work for test days."

Word Search Bundle 1 includes puzzles on the following topics: cognates, Spanish-speaking countries, greetings, high-frequency words, numbers to 100, classroom objects, class commands, false cognates, calendar, colors

Word Search Bundle 2 includes 18 puzzles on Spanish cognate adjectives, descriptive adjectives, food, family, house, clothing, parts of the body, classes, nationalities, and -ar verbs.



Everyone loves bingo! Here are two bundles of printable bingo games to pull out at a moment’s notice to practice Spanish 1 vocabulary. Fun activity to review during the last minutes of class!

Bingo Bundle 1 includes greetings, commands, adjectives, numbers 0-39, calendar, classroom objects, classes, time, and clothing.

Bingo Bundle 2 includes vocabulary for: numbers up to 100, family, food, travel, -ar verbs, -er & -ir verbs, house, and soccer.

Each bingo game has 40 cards and a word list.

"My students have loved playing bingo to review vocab."


If you are a beginning Spanish teacher and don't know where to begin to find engaging resources for your first year of Spanish teaching ~ start here! More than 100 Spanish Activities for beginning Spanish or Spanish 1. Must-have resources for back-to-school to get you through the school year! Over 1,600 pages of activities for beginners!

100 Activities for Spanish 1 - Must Have Resources for Beginning Spanish

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