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Spanish Speaking Countries Activities for Spanish Class

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 – October 15! As Spanish teachers, we get to celebrate it all year long! Before we begin a month of celebrating Latino heritage, let’s provide context. Do your beginning Spanish students know where Spanish is spoken?

Teaching about Spanish-speaking countries is a fun way to get students ready for HHM.

If you need Spanish-speaking countries activities for Spanish class, I have FIVE activities to learn the names of 21 Hispanic countries. Add them to your lesson plans to help upper elementary, middle school, and high school Spanish classes learn where Spanish is spoken.

Spanish Speaking Countries Activities for Spanish Class

1. Spanish-Speaking Countries Word Search

Use this word search as a warm-up activity with novice learners to help them become aware of just how many countries speak Spanish! Many students have no idea there are twenty-one countries that have Spanish as their official language and that each country is unique with its own flag, holidays, foods, and customs. Includes capital cities!

Names of Spanish Speaking Countries Word Search Activity

2. Spanish-Speaking Countries Bulletin Board

Post the names of all 21 Spanish-speaking countries on your walls! First, have students research the flags of each country and color the flags. This makes a beautiful display inside your classroom or showcased in the hall for everyone to enjoy.

Spanish Speaking Countries Bulletin Board Word Wall with Flags

If you have a large map, use these word wall cards to label the map so students can actually see the map from across the room. Or make it interactive! Have students take a card and locate that country on the map.

Label a Map of Spanish Speaking Countries Central America

(Grab the activities above in a Spanish Speaking Countries Bundle and save up to 30%!)

3. Color the Map & Map Labeling

Locate the countries of South America, Central America, and El Caribe on a map with differentiated worksheets.

Label a Map of Spanish Speaking Countries in South America

4. Color Flags of Spanish-Speaking Countries

Have students research flags of Spanish-speaking countries and color them! Or color the flags as labeled for a low-stress activity.

Coloring Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries

(Get the 2 activities above in a Spanish Speaking Countries of South America Bundle!)

5. Play Spanish-Speaking Countries Bingo

Build fluency and critical thinking skills with this bingo game that uses phrases to describe the flags of Spanish-speaking countries! Fun way to practice colors & shapes.

For example: “cinco rayas blancas, cuatro rayas azules, y un sol amarillo" (Uruguay)

names of Spanish speaking countries bingo game

Hope these activities provide context and give students a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking world!


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