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Thanksgiving Activities for Spanish Class

Resources and ideas for teaching Thanksgiving food vocabulary in Spanish!

Looking for Thanksgiving activities for Spanish class? Here are several ideas to keep students engaged and learning Spanish the days before Thanksgiving break! Get students talking about what they're going to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Food is a great way to link this holiday to Spanish class. Check out these no-prep resources to make these days before the holiday break easy for you and FUN for students.

Here are five activities to practice food vocabulary in Spanish.

Thanksgiving Food Word Wall

Spanish word walls are great for building vocabulary, creating interest, and filling your classroom with meaningful vocabulary. Post this Thanksgiving Foods Word Wall to support students as they talk about likes, dislikes, and what they are going to eat for the holiday!

Word walls are instant comprehensible input that make language visible to students. Make it interactive and personal by using velcro tape or magnets so words can be moved around under the headings Me gusta, No me gusta, or Me gusta mucho. It also includes the structures "Voy a comer..." and "No voy a comer..." Students love talking about food. The conversation gets interesting as you learn the variety of foods students will be eating or not eating during break. Warning: this topic will make you hungry.

Check out these 40 Spanish Word Walls

Thanksgiving Activities for Spanish Class

Thanksgiving Word Search

Use this Thanksgiving Word Search as a warm-up to introduce or review food vocabulary. Pronounce the words then set a timer for 10-15 minutes. Raise the rigor by having students first define the word, then find it. Students say the word silently as they search for it. "Calabaza... calabaza... calabaza..." - that's just fun to say! Low-stress worksheet to keep students learning and give the teacher a quick break.

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Give students a variety of activities for learning the same content. Crossword puzzles are another low-stress way to exercise your brain and improve vocabulary. Have students work independently or in pairs to complete this Thanksgiving Food Crossword.

Thanksgiving "I Spy..."

Yo Veo is a fun way to introduce or review vocabulary. Students use differentiated checklists to search for 17 foods in Spanish. Also includes 13 short sentences where students read a description of a food, search for it, and write the answer. Play individually or in pairs.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Be ready, students are going to ask, "Can we play a game today?" YES! This is not your average bingo game... it's a challenging listening activity. Read clues in complete Spanish sentences to describe each food. Students listen to the clue and search for the image being described. The hard work has been done for you. Includes 30 printable bingo cards to practice 24 foods. Thanksgiving Food Bingo is fun for the day before break!

"A great way to use those last days before Thanksgiving

when half of the class is already gone!"

Sample clues:

"Es un tipo de carne. Es muy popular durante el Día de Acción de Gracias."

(el pavo)

"A type of meat. It is very popular at Thanksgiving." (turkey)

"Es una verdura anaranjada y muy grande. Es redondo."

(la calabaza)

"This is a big, orange vegetable. It is round."


(Play digitally in Google Slides.)

Bundle of Thanksgiving Activities

Find the activities posted above in a money-saving Spanish Thanksgiving Activities Bundle.

"This was so fun!"

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you've found engaging activities for Thanksgiving that you and your students LOVE!

¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!


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