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Summer Activities for Spanish Class

Spanish Summer Activities

The school year is quickly coming to a close and teachers are looking for ideas to review previously learned vocabulary while adding something new. Check out these five end of the year Spanish summer activities to keep students engaged and learning until the last day of school!

Summer Vocabulary Word Wall

Use word walls to build vocabulary and spark curiosity. Students are instantly drawn to the images and new words. Post summer vocabulary words on your bulletin board to give students a visual resource to support them as they read and write in Spanish!

Spanish Summer Vocabulary - Summer Word Wall

Summer Vocabulary Bingo Game

Fun listening comprehension activity! The work has been done for you. Read simple clues to describe summer vocabulary words in Spanish (or English). Students listen to the clue and search for the image it is describing.

Spanish Summer Vocabulary Activity - Bingo Game

Sample clues:

"una estación del año - comienza en junio y termina en septiembre" (el verano)

"la estrella enorme en el centro de nuestro sistema solar" (el sol)

"a season of the year, it begins in June and ends in September" (summer)

"the enormous star in the center of our solar system" (the sun)

Vocabulary includes: acampar, agosto, béisbol, bikini, cangrejo, hace calor, helado, sol, traje de baño, verano and MORE!

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Summer Word Search

There are many benefits to using word searches in class. They are a low-stress way to introduce or review vocabulary. They develop word recognition and improve spelling. And they're FUN! Students love them. They enjoy the thrill of the hunt! This word search raises the thinking level by having students first define the word, then find it. Great as a warm-up activity, for days with unexpected schedule changes, or substitute lesson plans

Spanish Summer Activities - Word Search

Crossword Puzzle

It's always a good idea to offer a variety of activities for teaching the same content. Crossword puzzles are another low-stress way to exercise your brain to improve vocabulary and memory.

Spanish Summer Activities - Crossword Puzzle

Find all 4 of these activities in one summer bundle!

Spanish Speaking Activity

Find Someone Who Activities are my favorite way to get students out of their seats and speaking Spanish. Students try to get as many signatures as possible by asking questions about their classmate's plans for the summer. Fun way to practice using ir + a + infinitive & the future tense.

Spanish Summer Activities - Spanish Speaking Activities

More seasonal resources

Give students the input they need to talk about summer! Feliz verano.

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